Why Work With TIDE?

We synthesize Startup Mentality with Enterprise Mindset.

The Digital Transformation is forcing enterprise companies to gradually make the shift with newer technologies, moving to the cloud, changing
methodologies etc. They commonly have their own developers manage their systems (e.g. ERP, CRM)  and/or outsource the work to large integration and development firms. The problem with both is they most likely lack the required skills, mindset and experience required for the innovative transformations required. On the other hand most young innovative outsourcing firm or startups providing innovative solutions for enterprise, lack the deep understanding in the field of enterprise. As a result the innovation they bring may be accompanied with seriously damage to the company’s business.

In TIDE we synthesize: Innovation, agility, cutting edge technology versatility, coding standards… typically found only in high quality startups – along with deep perceptive of the enterprise world. This combination is crucial for enterprise to make a successful and reliable transformations. 

We see ourselves as your in-house team that happens to work remotely.

When we work with you, we completely identify with your company and your business objectives. Your success is ours, and we work toward that goal with dedication and passion. We’ve spent 2 hours debating whether to include a certain field in a database… even when it’s a fixed-price project. Our clients often present us as “our dev team.” The feeling is mutual.


We relate to Agile as a mindset, not just a methodology.

The key to Agile development that gets maximum quality in minimum time is being able to tell the difference between the foundation and the other levels of your structure. After years of custom software development experience, we know where we need to invest initial time and resources, and where we can hold off until later. We know what issues should be decided at the outset, and what decisions should be made as development progresses.


We take a holistic approach to software.

Software projects fail when the final product – beautifully designed as it may be – doesn’t fulfill the business requirements. At TIDE, your business requirements form the basis of all design decisions. Fulfillment of your business’s goals is the yardstick by which we measure project success.

Our senior management has ongoing oversight of the big picture of every project: from business requirements and goals down to technology and UX design. Our developers understand the impact of their building blocks on the big picture. As we work together, we guide you in understanding the impact of early decisions on future functionality, so you can make informed choices based on the whole picture.

We’re obsessed with building the foundation right.

We’ve seen too many “quick and dirty” apps that crashed when the company tried to scale them. We’ve seen custom business software that had to be totally reworked a year later because of a need that could have been foreseen – but wasn’t.

One of the most important parts of the TIDE software development process is the planning. We’ll get a handle on your business processes, your short-term goals and your vision for the future. We’ll invest time and effort into technology selection, data modeling and performance optimization. Our goal is to build custom software that will fit your short-term needs and budget – while laying a foundation that can easily expand to fit your long-term needs. 

We’re broad-minded when it comes to technology.

We can’t help it. If there’s a new technology or programming language out there, we have to try it out to see if it’s useful and stable enough to be worth having in our arsenal. When we plan your company’s custom software, we have all the cutting-edge tools in our tool belt, in addition to all the “oldies but goodies.”

We put stock in versatility and flexibility. We aim to discover a solution that best fits your need, and not how your need can fit into a predefined, cookie cutter solution.


We’re recognized by the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel as an R&D firm.

TIDE is not just an app shop. At your fingertips is an official R&D team, capable of and involved in developing core infrastructure. We’re used to thinking outside the box to find you the most efficient solution. And if your software requires custom infrastructure, you’re covered.


We want you in the driver’s seat.

It’s your company. No one knows it better than you. In planning your process, our goal is not to push you down a prescribed path, but to present the options and the reasoning behind them, and give you the tools so that YOU can make the final decisions wisely.