Cloud & API Integrations

Choose TIDE for your Cloud and API Integrations when:

  • You identify the need to integrate cloud services into your systems and/or to add API access to your systems to enable other parties to integrate with your systems.
  • Your IT staff does a wonderful job managing your existing systems. but lacks the skills for dealing with web API’s or understanding of the cloud stack. Training them will take too long and is not cost effective.
  • You are concerned about outsourcing the development to resources with cloud experience, but no enterprise system experience.
  • You need ongoing reliable resources that will learn enough about your systems to be a valuable extension to your team whenever the need comes up, yet you are concerned that they will over charge you once they are dependent on you.

What to expect:

  • Enhancement of your IT capabilities with those held by our Architects and Developers. Our team is experienced in synthesized innovative-enterprise experience including:
    1. Cloud Stack architecture
    2. Cloud Management
    3. API Development and integration
    4. Web Mobile systems/Apps
    5. Process Automation
    6. Databases
    7. ERP/CRM integration with external API’s
    8. And More
  • Tight integration between our teams. We will work closely with your team and utilize their knowledge and understand of your business and technical needs, enabling us to plan and implement the best solutions for you.
  • Implementation of API gateways, if you want to expose your services to other parties, we can handle the API level for you. It is not only a matter of implementing the API to pass the request in/out of your system – we put emphasis on process management, scalability, fault tolerance, validation, error handling and real time audit tracking.
  • Integration with other vendors/cloud services. If you have the need to use a cloud service or connect to another vendor through an API that he exposes, we will implement the connection. We will also make sure to audit the interaction in a manner that gives you real time insight into your processes and immediately identifies failures and errors as they occur.
  • Analysis of existing cloud services, if you question which service is best for you, we can help by researching solutions and giving you tools to understand the impact of your decision.
  • Research and development of custom infrastructure, if your solution needs functionality not available in existing infrastructures.
  • Flexible work modules with fair costs. We offer various modules which enable us to be there when you need us. We believe in long term relationships based on loyalty and trust.