Growing MVP

Well Architected MVP that is Scalable and Extendable

Choose Growing MVP when:

  • You have a great business idea you want to develop, but you don’t yet want the risk of hiring an in-house development team, or of leaving your current job.
  • You want an MVP planned correctly from the outset, so you can make new versions and scale easily… without having to throw it out or give it a major overhaul.
  • You want skilled developers that work well together, without the delay in time-to-market and high costs that come with recruiting individuals one by one, waiting until they (hopefully) mesh as a team, and paying their salaries even when you’re focusing more on marketing or raising capital than on development.

What to expect:

  • An intense discovery session to uncover your business requirements, design preferences, short-term and long-term company goals.
  • A detailed, holistic plan covering technical architecture, data modeling, UX design, functional design, development, testing and deployment.
  • A beautifully designed, thought-out MVP that fits your minimum requirements, but with the infrastructure in place to expand easily. We are particular about clean and generic code, well-thought out APIs and performance considerations.
  • Resources when (and only when) you need them. TIDE is flexible to the ebb and flow of startups’ development needs. We’ll work intensely for 3 months to get out your MVP, and then stay in the background until it becomes time to scale.
  • A dev team with the commitment and enthusiasm of an in-house team. We just happen to work outside your office. Our CEO Mrs. Tikva Schmidt can even be represented as the official CTO of your startup; it’s helped at least one client get accepted into an accelerator

 Sample App


Udrive social app for driving theory is the perfect example of agile MVP development

Social mobile app for mastering driving theory through examples, races and other challenges. Dashboard tracks your progress and guides you to the areas most in need of practice.

To learn more about the Growing MVP approach in the following article:

Growing MVP – The Optimal Approach To a Future Thinking Startup

We came to TIDE with a product specification and they managed to give us a solution for our current product and for the future company products.

We were impressed by Tikva from the very beginning, especially by her out-of-the-box thinking and her analytical skills. They also saved us significant time and money. Tikva, with her rare foresight, picked up on multiple issues that we might hit using our original specification.  We didn’t need to develop the product only to discover the problems; we were able to eliminate them in the planning stage.

Throughout the process of our MVP development, we felt that the TIDE team was a bonafide part of our staff. Their developers took the success of our app as seriously as we did. TIDE planned and built our product based on what would be good for our startup another year or two down the line, not just in the next few months. Their honesty and openness shone every step of the way, as they took the time to explain the reasoning behind technological decisions, empowering US as clients.

Our app was complex, even in the MVP stage, but Tikva had a handle on every aspect of it, down to the last detail. She remembered the reasoning behind even minor decisions, long after they had been made.

Our app launched recently and already has market penetration of about 50%. We look forward to working with TIDE to scale the product and to develop our future products. Thanks to their foresight and planning, the app’s infrastructure is all ready for that.

Yuval Goldstein

Founder, Udrive

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