The TIDE Team Story

Variety is the spice of life.

At TIDE, our senior staff invests heavily into the professional development of every team member. We attract multi-talented, multi-faceted developers seeking opportunities to grow, to stretch their knowledge and exposure to different methods, tools and technologies. Enthusiasm at the office runs high every day, and work never, ever gets boring.

Each of our TIDE team members could have been hired as a developer for a promising startup or robust business.  They instead chose to work at TIDE, to be actively involved in multiple projects from industries across the board… on the level of planning, participation and commitment of an in-house team.

But TIDE doesn’t only provide our team members with spice.


Where variety is the spice, stability is the meat.

Our dev team is predominantly women with strong family values. Our talented team members are able do the challenging work they love in a stable, family-friendly atmosphere. Turnover rates are very low, and our clients are secure in knowing their developers are committed partners, in it for the long-term.


Meet our CEO and Founder, Tikva Schmidt

Tikva Schmidt has been involved in Israeli hi-tech and IT for over 25 years. Her ability to envision the big picture, planning simultaneously for present needs and limitations as well as future needs and aspirations, has saved startups and enterprises time and resources.

Mrs. Schmidt has intensive experience with every facet of the software development life cycle, including process engineering and business analysis, technical and functional solution design, software development and engineering, project and program management, team building and mentoring. She has served as a Software Architect, Systems Analyst and Senior Software Engineer within global software development companies with Israel-based R&D such as Invoke Solutions, VerticalNet Solutions (Tradeum), and AgentSoft. Today Schmidt serves as consultants to CTO’s in US Enterprises.

Mrs. Schmidt is passionate about empowering women in tech. In her founding and management of TIDE Technology, she seeks to increase the value of women’s unique contribution to hi-tech and increase the value of hi-tech to the lives of women.