Custom Business Management Software Solutions for SMBs

Choose GrowTIDE when:

  • You’ve been using spreadsheets and emails to manage your business, but you’ve gotten to a point where that method is losing you time, money and clients.
  • You want to grow your business and expand your staff, but your current method of business management isn’t conducive to multiple staff members. You need a system that will allow remote access and multiple workers – all while preserving data integrity.
  • You can’t find a CRM that meets all your needs off the shelf. Customizing one looks like it’s going to be expensive, and in the end it might not even work like you want.

What to expect:

  • An intense discovery session to uncover your business and user requirements, company and employee culture, short-term and long-term company goals.
  • A detailed, holistic plan covering technical architecture, data modeling, UX design, functional design, development, testing and deployment. The plan will also cover integration with your existing applications, if applicable (e.g. accounting software).
  • Research and development of custom infrastructure, if your solution needs functionality not available in existing infrastructures.
  • An easy-to-use, thought-out business application that fits your minimum requirements and employees’ needs, but with the infrastructure in place to add new features and functions easily. You can start reaping the benefits of your new system immediately, and then expand the system as it brings you improved operations and decreased costs.
  • A dev team with the commitment and enthusiasm of an in-house team. We just happen to work outside your office.

GrowTIDE Portfolio


HCPro's healthcare equipment management system is a great example of a custom software solution for businesses

Cloud-based management system for healthcare equipment provider, including lease tracking, inventory, billing, reporting and dashboard. The mobile client enables on-site use in both online or offline mode – with full synchronization between multiple users.

We’ve worked with TIDE on several projects for our clients, and each time we’ve been impressed with TIDE’s ability to think into the future. They specialize in seeing the big picture AND all of its details. 

With one project, we came to TIDE with a requirement. While the TIDE team could have just turned out an application that met that requirement, they didn’t. TIDE really cared that our client should end up with the right solution for them. They planned and built the app’s infrastructure so that future development of this project would cost them less and require fewer resources. 

With another project, we came with an idea, and the TIDE team helped us flesh it out and get to the details. They enabled us to be focused and think of various cases we wouldn’t necessarily have thought of on our own.

I’d recommend TIDE to anyone who is looking for high quality development work. If you see your software development as part of a bigger process, and want to build something today that will form a solid basis for what you’ll build tomorrow – TIDE is definitely the address.

Gvira Milworm

CEO, GMP Start

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