Minimal Enterprise Viable Product

Choose “Minimal Enterprise-Viable Product” [MEVP] when:

  • You are a startup developing a product for enterprises.  You need an Enterprise class MVP which will enable you to attract enterprise design partners or early adopters.
  • You are an enterprise interested to develop your MVP. You are eager to embrace innovation and agility, yet maintain your credibility.
  • You want to create a Minimal Enterprise Viable Product with a discerned approach which, counterbalances the Innovation and agility with an emphasis on enterprise viability.
  • You want an MVP planned correctly from the outset, so you can create new versions and scale easily, without having to throw it out or give it a major overhaul.
  • You need an R&D partners, who are experts in startups, experienced with enterprises and know to synthesize the two mindsets.
  • You want skilled developers that work well together, without the delay in time-to-market and high costs that come with recruiting individuals one by one, waiting until they (hopefully) mesh as a team, and paying their salaries even when you’re focusing more on marketing or raising capital than on development.

What to expect:

  • An intense discovery session to uncover your business requirements, design preferences, short-term and long-term goals.
  • detailed, holistic plan covering technical architecture, data modeling, UX design, functional design, development, testing and deployment.
  • beautifully designed, thought-out Minimal Enterprise Viable Product that fits your minimum requirements, but ensures enterprise viability. We are particular about clean and generic code, well-thought out APIs and performance considerations.
  • dev team with the commitment and enthusiasm of an in-house team. We just happen to work outside your office.

You can learn more about the discerning approach for Enterise MVP in the following article:

MVP for Enterprise: Great Potential – Great Danger

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